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ОАО "МНИПИ" (Республика Беларусь, г. Минск)
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LLC "TehKomplekt was formed in 2007. Despite his young age, the company has developments in the supply electronic components. Our organization is staffed by highly qualified specialists in all groups of the goods and implements:
- Delivery Group electronic components in accordance with the nomenclature specified products listed by MOS.
- Supplies of electronic components, measuring tools and finished products;
- Organizes the calibration and repair of the supplied equipment;

The main activity of our organization - metrological support of enterprises and supply of measuring instruments for military purposes, including for export.
Control of works for the supply of products, including common facilities and execution is carried out jointly with the representatives of VP Defense Ministry.

Delivery of products is carried out on mutually beneficial terms for the price agreed upon with the buyer. For the convenience of our customers we are able to deliver equipment to any transport company.
Ltd. TehKomplekt "established business partnerships with leading industrial associations MIC.
Our company is a representative Ltd. ERGOS "(Ukraine, Kharkiv, measuring instruments and automation).
The company quality management system in accordance with the requirements of GOST RV 15.002-2003. The company currently has been successfully tested by specialists OSSMK "TsentrOboronSert" in order to obtain conclusions on compliance with all requirements of the QMS.